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The APU aims to nurture young minds and educate them, so that they
contribute to the nation’s development...
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APEX Professional University is aim to create an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet,  
Apex Professional University aspires to be premier university that imagines and influences the future  
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We accept students from diverse
academic background and work
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Apex Professional University (APU) shall register external students in accordance with section 5(36) of the Apex Professional University Act, 2012 (No. 07 of 2013)  after seeking clarification UGC and DEB. Click here to DOWNLOAD UGC and DEB Letter. In accordance with section 2(j) of the Apex Professional University Act, 2012 "External Student" means a private student who is registered at University for an award (Certificate, Diploma and Degree Programme) but study independently outside the University